The Science Behind the Scissors

The Science Behind the Scissors

The Science Behind the Scissors


Whatever breed of dog you own, when it comes to grooming, the health of your dog’s coat starts from the inside out...

At Asian Fusion Grooming we have always taken a holistic approach to creating perfection in our canine models. We believe that beauty is more than fur deep.. and we want your dogs to not only look as good as possible but to feel as healthy and happy as possible.

We know that for your dog to have the glossiest coat, they need to first have the strongest gut, so we have been looking out for products to recommend and this May we are excited to introduce you to Rawgeous Pet Food; the safest, cleanest and most rigorously tested raw pet food on the market.

 Lorraine, Director of Rawgeous Pet Food explains:

“A healthy dog starts with a healthy gut and that means feeding your dog a diet that it would naturally eat in the wild. Rawgeous is richer than other dog food, made with human grade, human cuts of prime meat, and the correct balance of fresh vegetables and high quality probiotic seaweeds and omega oils to ensure that your dog’s tummy is happy. Honestly, this is food that you could cook and eat yourself (and without naming names, I know people who have!).

 We are proud to say that we create the safest, cleanest and most tested raw pet food on the market. We are the only raw pet food to send every batch, of every product to be independently tested for any bacteria or salmonella. UK DEFRA recommends that pet food manufacturers test every 6-8 weeks, so we far exceed the testing protocols and that means we have zero recall on our product.”

Asian Fusion Grooming products are all about performance, and so is Rawgeous Pet Food. Rawgeous offers a diet so rich in nutrients, omega oils and probiotics that it can change not only your dog’s health but their temperament, energy levels and fitness. A raw food diet will make your dog calmer, stronger, and happier.

 Rawgeous has consulted with experts in dog fitness, training and nutrition to develop a complete meal for your canine companion that after just 4 weeks will give them a glossier coat, brighter eyes, shinier teeth, sweeter smelling breath and wait for it… firmer stools (if you know... you know).

 Rawgeous Pet Food offers premium quality with ultimate flexibility. Customers can sign up to a regular subscription model that fits into their busy schedule. This is a wonder-food; a product designed for the modern dog-owner, who is short on time, but focused on the health and welfare of their animal. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

As Lorraine says: “You get out what you put in”. So to help your dog live it’s best life, we are offering you the chance to sign up for a taste of the best raw pet food diet recommended by Pammie.

Every groomer’s business is different so all our offers are tailored to the individual**. Please contact Lorraine to discuss your bespoke commercial offer of raw goodness at or call on: 07376 572479. Use the promo code: AFG, or mention ‘recommended by Pammie’ and Lorraine will take care of you!

To dig a bit deeper and find out more about the science behind raw visit:

**Please note that as with any change of food please introduce Rawgeous Pet Food gradually to your dog’s current diet. Due to the rich nature of the product, dogs may experience a short-term increase in bowel activity which is down to the gut cleansing itself.

Disclaimer: Asian Fusion Grooming Ltd has no commercial interest or benefit in this promotion. All customer relationships are with Rawgeous Pet Food and no third party sharing of customer data will take place.


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