Pammie's Academy

Welcome to Pammie's Dog Grooming Training Academy!

As we can't split Pammie into tiny pieces to share her around more we've had to think more smartly about how we can bring her skills to everybody that would like to learn them.

After two years of disruption Pammie will be back teaching from April. Read all the details in the 'Pammie's Personal Training Days' section. We take no more than 4 students each day - so that's a maximum of 120 places this year so get in early.

We've tested the water with online training and had some great feedback on our 'Scissor Skills' course. If you haven't done it yet and want to get started with your blade skills - give this a go. We are very close to providing comprehensive online training. As you know Pammie is very particular and it has to be right so it has taken longer than expected - but we hope you will be delighted with the finished result. Stay tuned.