AFG Academy Foundation Practical Accreditation Criteria


To demonstrate a significant (?) visible change to the dog.

To give you an indication, a coat previously shaved on a 5f needs around 6-8 weeks growth.


Assessment Criteria:

  • Excellent coat prep.
  • No clipper marks or lines.
  • Neat scissoring.
  • A neat finish with a good attempt at balance and symmetry.
  • Choice of style appropriate to the dog and coat type.
  • The style should include a minimum of four elements that have been taught in Modules 1-3 e.g. Round head, flared legs, oval muzzle, clipped body.
  • Colour is not a requirement.



  • Up to 10 before and 10 after pictures in the following order:
    • Front, right side, rear, left side, top down, close up of the face.
    • All pics straight on - as best you can of course. I appreciate that dogs can be hard to get photographs of but do your best.


  • Submit pictures taken in good light and far enough away to be able to see the whole dog but close enough to see detail.
  • Make sure the background contrasts with the dog and doesn’t absorb it, particularly dark colour dogs. It needs to be seen to be assessed. I would advise you strongly to practice a bit taking pics with the dog against the background you will be using and critically evaluate it.
  • A short video, no longer than 3 minutes of the dog on the table

If there are any issues that you want me to know about, like some coat missing due to vet shaving for bloods etc. Then show me on the BEFORE pics so it can be taken into account.