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“My ‘Foundation in Asian & Commercial Grooming’ is the first online course of its kind. I have been teaching this style of grooming in small or personal classes for many years around the world and at my studio in Yorkshire and am thrilled to be able to translate my successful teaching methods to online so more of my Fusioneer family can continue their learning journey.

I’ve worked to replicate the personal teaching environment that my students benefit from and can promise you it will be just like a classroom experience with me guiding you through” Pammie.

Module 1 – Styling Theory

Covering: Balance, Symmetry and Proportion

Mainstream grooming is taught to follow breed standards but in today’s world a lot of dog ownership is different. Poodle crossbreeds have fast become one of the most popular pets in the last five years and creating cute grooms in wool combination coats have become a much-needed new skill. Owners want a combination of cute yet practical. To achieve this ‘fusion’ groomers have to understand Balance, Symmetry and Proportion and create their own grooming pattern for each, slightly variable breed.

This module will teach you how to visually assess each dog and create a desirable style that makes the most of its anatomy given coat constraints.

What's included?

Chapter 1 - Balance

Chapter 2 - Symmetry

Chapter 3 - Proportion

Chapter 4 - Component Part Grooming

Module 2 – Commercial Wool Coat Teddy Trim

The most commonly requested modern style that is great for Poodles, Bichons and wool coat crossbreeds.

Learn how to create:
• Round Head
• Teddy Ears
• Oval Muzzle
• Teddy Legs
• Carrot Tail

Follow Pammie’s guide to Easy Angulation and Component Part Grooming to take it one step at a time and put what you have learnt into practice immediately.

Module 3 – Asian Drop Coat Styling

Many of the Toy breeds with drop coats – Shih Tzu, etc etc – need more info here

Learn how to create:
• Top Knots
• Flared Legs
• Oval Muzzle
• Flag Tail

Module 4: Theory Accreditation

It is important to us to make sure your learning journey is successful, and you are recognised for your achievement. The Fourth (optional) module is for you to check your understanding by taking our online evaluation which will award you the Asian Fusion Grooming Foundation Accreditation. You will receive a certificate for passing the evaluation to confirm your Foundation Theory Accreditation from Pammie’s Asian Fusion Grooming Academy.

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Module 5: Practical Accreditation

Being able to demonstrate the skills that you have learnt on my course is really important for you to gain recognition of your skills and achievement. Practical Accreditation days will be available for those students who have completed and passed Theory Modules 4.

The Practical Accreditation is billable separately so that you can choose when you are confident to demonstrate your skills and will take the form of a portfolio submission of successful grooms completed within a set time frame.

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