Foundation 5.5" 'Baby' Chunker with slight curve - NEW


The super-cute 'Baby' range has been designed to further develop your scissor skills and ease the transition from foundation-fusioneer to advanced scissoring as easy and gently as possible.  Easy to control and with just the gentlest of curves, they make the perfect choice for transitioning from straight to curved blades. Use them to improve your muzzle shaping and other close facial work. Squared ends make them safer to use than solid blades with their sharp tips but give much more dexterity than the alternative bull-nosed scissors. 'Baby C' will make it easier for you to create your shapes. 

  • Japanese 420c steel
  • Handcrafted
  • Durable superior edge holding ability
  • Hollow ground so light-weight - 65g
  • Convex edge for sharpness
  • Opposing handles to allow for comfortable cutting in any direction
  • Smooth polished steel
  • Super sharp unique cutting edge
  • Finely balanced and beautifully weighted for increased comfort
  • Smaller size for enhanced precision - 17 teeth
  • Optimum blade length and gentle degree of curve for versatility
  • Beautiful presentation box containing everything you need:-
    • Soft rubber finger inserts
    • Tension key
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Sample of superior Kojiro scissor oil
    • Scissor care advice card