Artero Ultra-Absorbant Towel


Humid towel for cats and dogs - extra absorbent. Absorbs 50% of water after bathing.
Avoids spreading bacteria and unpleasant odors.  In summer can be used as a refreshing blanket.

Formulated with ionized carbon to prevent the reproduction of bacteria and foul smells. 

Strong absorption power - able to quickly remove a huge amount of water from the coat before drying with a dryer.

Cooling blanket effect - keeps hydrated and fresh for hours. The evaporation of water feels cooler than the outside temperature

Measures 8cm x 3cm 

Must always be wet, stored, and sealed after use in its original bag. Should it dry out it will get hard. In this case, wet it again to recover its softness.

How to use it as a Drying Towel:
Wrap the wet area of the animal and apply gentle pressure. Rub until the excess water is totally absorbed.

How to use it as a Cooling Blanket:
For a better cooling effect, soak the towel in cold water and wring thoroughly to remove most of the water. Extend on the floor for the pet to lie on. Contact with the cool towel will regulate the dog's temperature. Repeat this action regularly to keep the towel cool and to avoid dehydration.