Artero MATT-X 300ml


Dematting and conditioning spray for dogs and cats, avoids damaging or breaking the hair and helps with brushing. Very kind to the hair.  If used in a fine mist, does not need to be rinsed out.

Spray conditioner created to help remove mats and knots quickly and gently.
Saves time, money, and coat!
Thanks to the non-greasy, antistatic formula, this conditioner aids brushing and leaves the coat silky smooth.
Before the bath, spray directly into matt/tangles until wet to the touch.
Allow to sit in the coat for 20 seconds to give the best results.
Brush and be amazed!

Pammie says: "Matt-X is a smooth delivery spray product that packs a mighty punch.  If you are looking for instant hydration and maximum manageability on longer coats or for dematting with no residue, you will find none better".