Julie Harris Strip Down Clarifying Shampoo


Now stocking Pammie's favourite Julie Harris products.

Julie Harris Signature Strip Down Clarifying Shampoo

Great cleaning power. This hard-working shampoo effectively removes dirt, debris, and grease from hair. Perfect for dirty, smelly, and oily-haired dogs in need of a very thorough clean.

The formula does not over-condition the coat, making it much more manageable and easy to groom. This shampoo is ideal for use before scissoring to get an extra-clean coat that stands up away from the body, making your scissoring time quicker without the need for too much fluffing.

Directions For Use:

Dilute 10 to 1

Apply the diluted mixture to the wet coat, and rub it in with a bathing mitt. Avoid eyes and ear canals. Rinse thoroughly.

Danielle who bathes and preps dogs for Pammie says this...

"I am just beyond in love with Julie Harris shampoo. I have tried every type and brand on the market but nothing compares. Not only does it small amazing but it leave the coat squeaky clean. And just when I thought Julie couldn’t top herself, she brought out the soap bar. The smell ‘WOW’……… it works miracles on those stubborn areas like muzzle and feet. I am honestly and truly say I have not used another brand since. Looking forward to Julie’s next project"

And yes, we are now also stocking the Julie Harris Spot Clean soap bar!

We do have stock of all 3 sizes 500ml, 2.5L and 5L but will only send the 500ml by post for practical and cost reasons. If you are local please contact us for local pickup and pay when you do.