Pammie Decorative Collar - Navy Bow

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We know that the finishing touches can make all the difference to a groom whether for a customer or competition, so we have created our Asian Fusion Boutique, introducing our range of decorative collars.

As with all Pammie products the collars are designed with detail in mind and beautifully presented.

Which one will you choose first?

This beautiful dark navy and gold bandana and bow style is really classy and adds a degree of sophistication to your work.

Using a Pammie decorative collar can provide some great photo opportunities. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook with your pictures.

Warning: As with all collars, decorative collars should not be left around a dog’s neck while they are playing with other animals or unattended. Please do not tie the collar with a knot - or tightly - around your pet’s neck. We advise you use a simple loose bow that may be quickly untied.