Show Tech + Flex Professional Double Slicker - Firm


Show Tech+ Flex Groom Professional Slicker brushes are specially designed to make brushing a lot easier, faster, and painless for you and the dogs you groom.

Made from non-slip rubber, with an ergonomic, comfortable handle and flexible brush head, that follows the shape of the dog's body, minimising stress on your hand and wrist.

This brush can be used on both sides, which makes it perfect for both left- and right-handed groomers. The brush pins ensure a good grip on the coat and loose and dead hair is collected in the brush pad.

Time to say goodbye to matts, fur flying around, and painful wrists!

How to use 

The Firm Slicker is perfect for breeds with a thick, difficult to curly or double coat, for detangling and larger brushing areas.

Gently pull the brush towards the handle (don’t twist your wrist). Let the pins glide through the hair and repeat if necessary. Brush without putting downwards pressure on the skin.

Long coats- Gently brush with a light, long-stroke, brushing beyond the ends of the hair tip to avoid static and breakage. For the best result, brush the hair in layers. Start at the bottom by parting the coat horizontally and holding the unbrushed part up with your free hand. Work methodically upwards, keeping your wrist straight to avoid contact with the dog’s skin.

Curly coats - Brush in the direction of the coat growth and then against it using light, long strokes.

Wiry coats - Brush in the direction of the coat growth, then against it if necessary to remove matts and dead hair. 

To remove matts - Gently put the brush pins on the mat with a tapping movement and tease a few hairs from the matt by pulling the brush towards you and thus removing the pins away from the coat. Repeat until the matt is gone.