SLAY Warrior Shears 6" Baby Curves


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SLAY Warrior Shears 6" Baby Curves.

The SLAY brand brings you edges with attitude and precision to help you bring your grooming A game. Small is beautiful with the new 6" Baby Curves.  Not to be underestimated they are for groomers who appreciate quality. Lightweight, balanced and super sharp. Made from the finest quality Japanese 440 steel meticulously polished with a satin finish.

Angled to perfection for muzzles, teddy ears, round feet, column legs, carrot tails - anywhere you have a small curve that demands precision.

Slightly heavier and smaller than our best-selling Muzzle Makers 6.5" curves, they are perfect for fusioneers that like a scissor with class and a little more weight in their hand. 

*440 Japanese steel

*Mirror-polish finish,

*Superior curve

*Perfectly balanced

Presented in a signature Pammie black and gold box that includes finger inserts, cleaning cloth and our own finest quality, organic scissor oil.