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Pammie’s Dog Grooming Training Academy

Learn the theory, demonstrate the practical, take your grooming to the next level. Bespoke training by the day tailored to your needs, whatever your level of experience. Email training@asianfusiongrooming.com to discuss.

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Our successful Master Class students

I completed two days of training with Pammie and feel as if I’ve gained years of experience in the process! Everything I have learned was broken down and explained in a way that made perfect sense and unlocked things that were missing from my own grooming.
Alfie Wood

Best training course I’ve very been to by a country mile and also the best scissors I have ever used. I am selling all my other scissors and Pammie’s will be the only one I will use from now on. My best move yet.
Elaine Downie

I highly recommend buying these beautiful scissors. Excellent quality that will last forever. I used them on every pet groom and have seen improvements on my finish work. I hope one day to be able to train with Pammie in person. Thank you for making scissors in mind for us groomers.
Rebeca Page

I recently purchased my muzzle makers which I absolutely love. I thought the end result was quite sweet. I look forward to some more videos as I can’t wait to learn the Asian Fusion technique and use my scissors to their full potential.
Julie Elston