Pammie Foundation Stylist 7" Straight Thinner - NEW

£65.00 Regular price £75.00

The Pammie Foundation Stylist range is perfect for those starting their grooming journey. Made from quality 440c steel they offer an affordable way to sample the quality of a Pammie scissor.  With balanced, offset handles they all offer smooth cutting lines and allow foundation stylists to improve the quality of their grooming finish as their scissor skills improve.

With 44 teeth these are perfect for blending short hair into long hair without harsh lines.

Unlike many starter scissors they, like all Pammie scissors are extremely light, just 67g giving you the best opportunity to control the blades.

Presented in a luxurious dove grey and pale pink Pammie scissor box which includes sparkly, clear finger inserts, pale pink cleaning cloth, mini-Kojirõ lubrication oil and a tension key.