Pammie Flare-Maker® 7.5" Extreme Curved Scissors - Now £150 Save £80

£150.00 Regular price £230.00

Pammie’s Flare-Maker® Extreme Curved blades are like no others!

Expertly crafted from the finest Japanese 440c cobalt steel into unique 53-degree blades these scissors have been hand-created with considerable skill.

The hollow, ground, convex blades are carefully honed to a precise, razor-sharp cutting edge unique to the Pammie brand. This provides a very quick and smooth action and is the sharpest edge scissors can have which is essential to avoid bending the hair while cutting. They are also extremely light for a scissor of this size at just 74g.

The blades can be used in both the forward and reverse cutting position with no compromise on accuracy.

They are perfect for creating flared legs, round heads, and perfecting angulation.

Presented in a luxurious pale pink and gold Pammie scissor box which includes sparkly, clear finger inserts, pale pink cleaning cloth, mini bottle of our finest organic scissor oil, and a tension key.

Please note, these scissors are hand finished and so you may see some very slight differences and surface marks.

All Pammie scissors are individually checked for quality before customer dispatch.