SLAY Warrior Shears 7" Gentle Curved Piano Tooth Blenders - Now £150 Save £35

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SLAY Warrior Shears 7" Gentle Curved Piano Tooth Blenders.

The SLAY brand brings you edges with attitude and precision to help you bring your grooming mastery A game. 

Elevate your grooming with our 7" Gentle Curved Blenders, meticulously crafted from the finest VG10 Japanese steel to ensure an enduring sharpness that outshines the rest.

Designed for seasoned groomers seeking finesse. These scissors boast a more gentle and graceful curve to offer versatility across various grooming angles to glide across fur effortlessly, leaving a flawless finish that speaks volumes of your expertise.

Experience the art of gentle blending with SLAY – lightweight, perfectly balanced, and razor-sharp. The unique piano-tooth blade configuration sets these scissors apart, making each cut a masterpiece. Unleash your grooming potential – these scissors are crafted for those who seek excellence in every snip.

Designed for advanced users seeking higher performance and are not advisable for novice groomers. Please do not purchase these scissors if you are not experienced with scissoring as any side pressure will cross the blades.

*VG10 superior Japanese steel

*Edge holding abilities

*Gentle and graceful curve

*Perfectly balanced


*For advanced users

Slightly longer and less angled than our best-selling Pammie 6.5" curved blenders and created from the best quality VG10 Japanese steel. These are very much for the discerning groomer with established scissor skills. They need a very gentle thumb and the blade and balance with do the work for you.

Presented in a signature Pammie black and gold box that includes finger inserts, cleaning cloth and our own finest quality, organic scissor oil.