Level 3 Scissor Skills - Assessment Plan

Once you have completed the training material and are ready to start your assessment this is what you need to do:
1: Complete the Question & Answer chapter
On academy.asianfusiongrooming.com there is a Q&A with 75 multiple questions all about the training material. The pass mark is 70%. When you have completed that successfully you will have finished all of the online training and will be ready to complete the formal assessment to gain your Level 3 Endorsed Accreditation Certification.You can work through the Q&A in your own time and take as many attempts as needed to achieve 70%. We do this so that you know when you're ready to move on to the next stage.
2: Complete your registration with my.quals-direct.co.uk
When you booked your course with us we registered you with the International Animal Care College (IACC). They are responsible for making sure that Asian Fusion Grooming Ltd provides the correct teaching and assessment for the learning outcomes of this course. The IACC will have sent you an email with a link to create your student account ready for assessment on my.quals-direct.co.uk. This is really user friendly and easy to follow. Help is on hand if needed.
You need to upload a picture and copy of your photo id (usually driving licence or passport) so that you can be formally identified and receive your accreditation.
3: Watch the welcome video
There is a short video to explain what you can see when you sign in. You will also be asked to confirm you understand the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for this course.
4: Theory Assessment
When you log on you will see the results of your Q&A already uploaded to say you are ready to start your formal assessment. You now need to complete 6 short answer theory questions and 1 longer question to confirm your knowledge. Having completed the multiple choice this will be straightforward. This type of question is a requirement of a level 3 certification. Pammie is your assessor and will mark and feedback on your answers. We aim to do that promptly and will be checking progress regularly.
When Pammie has signed off your theory assessment you can proceed to your practical. The team at IACC will also be on hand to answer any questions about your student portal and how things work. Please ask those questions directly to IACC as they will be best placed to help you quickly.
5: Practical Assessment
This is to demonstrate you have gained the skills to meet the Learning Outcomes.

To complete the online practical assessment please submit short videos of you demonstrating the learning outcomes.

Only videos using either a professional model or a suitable live dog will be accepted.

Please see a picture of a suitable model dog - it must be a complete dog.

Suitable dog breeds to demonstrate skills would be:
Lhasa Apso
Poodle X

Please make sure there is enough coat to show the technique clearly.

More than one type of dog can be used in each video.

Video requirements: 


1: One video per skill - see section 3:1 a-e, 5 videos in total, each no more than one minute long, labeled individually as per the assessment criteria e.g. holding, rolling. 


2: One video of all 3:1 a-e skills no more than 5 minutes long demonstrating your skills for each technique. Through the video, you need to clearly say which skill you are demonstrating. 

All videos need to be uploaded to your my.quals-direct.co.uk student portal. Please contact training@asianfusiongrooming.com if you have any problems with this.

Please DO NOT contact Pammie directly as she will not be able to help with this.

Please also note that no communication outside of your training and assessment can be entered into with your assessor. If you have any questions please contact us through your student dashboard for purposes of transparency.

You have 12 months from the date of registration to complete both parts of your assessment.
When you submit your practical videos, they will be marked and returned within 30 days. You will be notified via your International Animal Care College student dashboard.

When you have passed both Theory and Practical assessments the International Animal Care College will notify you, and your certificate will be processed.

If you have passed in part but need to resubmit evidence to demonstrate some of the learning outcomes, you may do that within 60 days at no additional cost. The assessor will repeat the marking process and return your result to your dashboard within a further 30 days.

If you do not resubmit within 60 days or you need to submit more than twice to secure your qualification, then an additional assessment fee of £75 will be chargeable before the assessment process starts each time you re-submit.
Take your time, practice and welcome!