Level 3 Scissor Skills - Purpose and Aims

No matter where you are in your professional dog grooming career – at the start of your journey or already experienced, by choosing this course you will become more skilled at a faster rate by being educated fully on one the most important tools of your trade, scissors.  

Scissors and the skill to use them effectively are VITAL to create precision-based dog styling.  Of course, hair can still be cut regardless of tools and knowledge, but the quality of results produced will increase with you investing in yourself to learn and practice.  Learning how to choose, use and care for quality scissors is paramount and has countless benefits. This can only happen through education. Imagine a professional carpenter who does not know how to hold their saw or a surgeon who does not understand how to use a scalpel. In that same vein, it’s important for you as a groomer to have a comprehensive understanding of how your scissors work and how to choose, use and care for them. 

Professional scissors are durable, and accurate, improving efficiency and reducing hand strain. Scissor edges should be sharp for precision and cleanness of cut which also makes them dangerous if not used and maintained correctly.  They are designed with user comfort, and task in mind, and when used correctly, help to prevent injuries, reduce stress, increase efficiency, and very importantly, assist you to reach the next level of your professional grooming career.

There are three things to consider:

Choosing scissors is no easy task when faced with the many hundreds if not thousands of models accessible worldwide. Your professional scissors are expensive and well-made and should serve you well.  However, choosing the correct scissor for the job assists you greatly in creating the perfect hair/fur styles.  This in turn, of course, leads to improved job satisfaction.

Caring for professional scissors requires regular cleaning, maintenance, and storage.  An easy task once you understand how scissors work and how best to care for them.

Using them correctly is equally important. No matter how much money they cost or how fancy your scissors are, you still require the necessary skills to use them correctly. Learning how to hold scissors and employ scissoring techniques will allow you to feel more confident, improve your hand-eye coordination when working on a dog, and result in a more professional finish.

Practicing scissoring skills will not only improve your muscle memory, speed, and efficiency but ultimately lead you on the path of change from groomer to a stylist!
Practice little and often and eventually you will soon feel like your scissors are becoming an extension of your hand - maybe not quite Edward Scissorhands - but moving in the right direction!


On this course you will receive video-based online teaching from Pammie to cover these key areas. Based on the Learning Outcomes for this endorsed accreditation you can then complete a series of theory questions and practical tasks to demonstrate your understanding and skill. These will be submitted for assessment and when completed successfully your certificate awarded. This digital course is made immediately available after purchase. As with all digital products refunds do not apply and are not available.